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Staro 23.01.2006, 22:14
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Sad mi nista nije jasno

Prvo da odgovorim Vumiju, razumem ja gde su brojeve ali ne umem da ih procitam (mislim na ove gore), a ovi dole po svemu sudeci su 1223.
E sad sto se tice razlike u godima to sam svuda po netu nasao tj uvek pisu 2 godine (od do, pa od do) a i ovaj tekst koji sam skinuo sa jednog sajta vezan za novcici slican mom (obratiti paznju gde pise o godinama) nemam link samo sam ovo sacuvao.......
Islamic is a fantasy piece for clothing adornment ( sequins began as venetian gold zucchinoes, the name was corrupted to sequin), based on aottoman style coin it has the royal date 1222? or 1223 can't make it out (the date the king was crowned) below, above is the regnal date or the number of years he has ruled 78 , that makes the year 1300 or 1301 thats1882-1884AD to convert a anno hegria date to anno domini subtract 3% then add 621/622 they use solar years which are shorter than ours and start the calendar from Mohamed's flight from Mecca to Medinia. there was a ruler Mustafa IV who ruled for about a year 1222-1223AH/1807-1808AD there was a ruler Mahmud II who's reigned 1223-1255AH/1808-1839AD but that still isn't 78 years ( one would have to be born king) the Tughra ( the funny looped squiggle) is closest to the form of the successor of amr al mahdi the Khalifa who simply used the word "accepted" to form the Tughra ( legend states that the first Tughra began when a illiterate ruler dipped his hand in ink and made a squiggle with his ink soaked thumb and 2 fingers to sign a document, since then the Tughra has been used as a fanciful signature of the king ,elongating letters to form this symbol) the mint seems to be a corrupt Istanbul many of these psudo-coins for clothing adornment exist they are common and some have complete nonsense inscriptions while others like this piece have inscriptions similar to real pieces.
i jos nesto za poslednji novcic meni mnogo lici na ove novcice, ustvari kako si zakljucio da se radi o 20 a ne o 10 para i od kog je materijala?
Nadam se da se ne ljutite sto vam malo protivurecim ali ja sam amater i samo zelim sto vise da naucim o ovom hobiju. Pozdrav svima
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